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AdTech Trends by Kochava provides expert insights on prevailing patterns and developments within the advertising technology (adtech) industry. Explore videos and reports created to educate & empower marketing professionals to expertly navigate this rapidly evolving landscape.

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Trend 1

Rate of SKAN Adoption by Version

What is the rate of adoption for Apple’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) across different versions since its original public release with iOS 14? Grant Simmons from Kochava, unpacks SKAN adoption trends and why it has been slower than Apple might have expected.

Trend 2

State of Mobile Measurement 2023

How has mobile advertising measurement shifted from real-time attribution towards delayed ad performance measurement? Grant Simmons from Kochava, unpacks key takeaways every marketer should be aware of.

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Trend 3

How iOS updates Changed Attribution Forever in 2022

How does Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework for iOS affect digital marketing? Grant Simmons from Kochava unpacks how attribution has changed since the enforcement of ATT.

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grant s

Grant Simmons

VP of Kochava Foundry

Grant leads a team of data enthusiasts in providing insightful analysis of holistic campaign performance and providing business value assessments for Kochava clients.

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