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Discover the Missing Link Between Ads and App Activity

Deep Links, SmartLinks™, and Beyond

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Create Links For Tracking Across Any Channel and Partner.

Deliver friction-free experiences across campaigns, channels, and devices with premium linking solutions.

Paid Media
Easily leverage links with your paid media partners. Explore over 4500 integrations with networks, demand-side platforms (DSPs), and other ad platforms.

Owned Media
Capture the true impact of your owned/organic campaigns across email, social, .com, and other non-paid channels.

We Work With Who You Work With

Dynamic Deep Linking Solutions

No matter if users have the app installed or not

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Create the Perfect Connection

Give your users a contextual, personalized experience from ad to conversion.

Customize, Supervise, Analyze

Configurable Attribution

Tailor attribution settings to fit any campaign goal. Customize lookback windows and convert either on an install or a custom event for reengagement.

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Scalable Link Management

Maintain your links with scalable link management tools within our UX Campaign Manager, Power Editor, and API.

Real-Time Analytics

Analyze link traffic in real time with our analytics dashboard to identify down-funnel events and conversions.

SmartLinks WebGraphics Measurement

Deep Linking. What is it and why your mobile marketing strategy can’t live without it.

Cross-Platform Capabilities
No matter the platform, your users will be taken to the correct destination every time with one link.

Vanity Links
Keep your brand front and center with custom domains and URLs.

Custom Landing Pages
Create a brand-centric experience by sending users to a customized, branded landing page.

Flexible Destination Filters
Set deep link destinations based on device and platform, geography, ad creatives, and other dynamic filters.

Universal Links and App Links
Present a seamless experience for your users across web and mobile while maintaining attribution.

QR Codes
Use QR codes with in-store signage, consumer product goods, out-of-home, TV and other applications.

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Understanding the Customer Journey with SmartLinks™

We track all of our internal media and paid media through Kochava. We consider Kochava the source of truth. We have other analytics tools, but when it comes to app downloads and app attribution, we rely on Kochava to help figure out how to message our top-quality users.

— Senior Product Marketing Manager

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